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All-Natural Products

We’re committed to providing a variety of All-Natural premium meat products that can be the star of all your family meals. Find yours below.

Naturally Delicious

Smoked Bacon

Our all-natural bacon is smoked with hickory for a classic, bold flavor, or applewood as as a sugar-free option. It has no added nitrates or nitrites and is made from pork raised in the USA with no antibiotics or added hormones. Enjoy at home in sweet and savory dishes!

Sweet, rich hickory smoke gives our all-natural uncured bacon the classic flavor you’re looking for. Made with no added nitrates, nitrites or preservatives. Just tender pork belly, a hint of sugar, and natural curing agents for simple goodness.
Breakfast is better with all-natural, sugar-free bacon. Smoked over applewood, this better-for-you bacon has that classic salty crunch without any added sweetener. Whole30 and paleo-friendly without added nitrates or nitrites.

Flavor Unleashed

Smoked Sausage

Coleman Uncured Sausages are made with all-natural pork raised without antibiotics or hormones on American farms. Their focus on simple, wholesome ingredients makes them a delicious and healthy choice for your family’s meals.

Smoked Polish kielbasa is a delectable, all-natural way to get keto-friendly protein in your diet. Add this uncured sausage to soups, casseroles, or roasted veggies for a filling meal. No added nitrites, nitrates, or preservatives.

Simply Better

Beef Hot Dogs

Coleman Uncured Beef Hot Dogs deliver classic hot dog flavor with the quality you expect. Using only 100% beef raised on American family farms, their hot dogs are free from added nitrates, nitrites, and antibiotics – making them a healthier option for those backyard barbeques.

Summer cookouts are better with all-natural, 100% beef hot dogs! With uncured dogs this tasty, you may not even need toppings. Made from beef sourced from American family farms with no antibiotics or added hormones.

80% Lean / 20% Fat

Ground Pork

Coleman’s Uncured Ground Pork is the perfect foundation for delicious meals. Made with all-natural pork from American farms, it’s a versatile ingredient for everything from burgers and meatballs to pasta sauces.

80% lean ground pork adds full-flavored protein to dishes like meatballs, pasta sauce, and stir fries. This all-natural pork is raised humanely on American family farms, with no added hormones or antibiotics.

Flavor & Variety


Whether you’re looking for a bone-in spiral ham for a holiday feast or a perfectly sized uncured ham steak for a quick dinner, Coleman has the perfect choice. Our all-natural hams are sourced from American family farms and deliver delicious flavor without added nitrates or nitrites.

Fully-cooked ham steaks add major flavor to any dish! Smoked over applewood to add a sweet and salty kick to soups or stews. Equally tasty as the main course! Made with natural curing ingredients. No added nitrates or nitrites.
All the flavor of a bone-in whole ham. None of the complicated carving! This smoked and fully-cooked ham is spiral-cut on the bone for easy serving. Glaze packet included for a sweet finish. Sourced from humanely-raised hogs.
This semi-boneless ham is slow-smoked over hardwood. Made with natural curing ingredients and no preservatives, it has rich bone-in flavor while being easy to carve. Heat through for a family dinner, or cut off a slice for a delicious ham sandwich.
Smoked low and slow over applewood, our uncured quarter hams are tender and tasty. We use all-natural cultured celery powder and sea salt for a flavorful cure, free of added nitrates and nitrites. Pre-sliced and ready to eat!
Our pre-cooked boneless ham is slow-smoked over real hardwood. Simply heat in the oven, and it’s ready to carve for a family feast. Our pork is raised crate-free on American family farms without the use of antibiotics or added hormones.
Got a crowd to feed? A savory boneless half ham can satisfy everyone. And when it’s this tasty, don’t expect to have many leftovers! Always prepared simply, with natural curing ingredients and no added nitrates or nitrites.


Heat & Eat BBQ

Our Heat and Eat BBQ brings the taste of slow-smoked goodness straight to your table. Made with all-natural pork and authentic BBQ flavors, our pulled pork and ribs are ready in minutes – perfect for busy weeknights or easy entertaining.

Fork-tender pulled pork from Coleman meets tangy BBQ sauce… it’s a perfect pairing! The sauce complements the all-natural pork that is Humanly Raised on family farms without the use of antibiotics or added hormones.
Delicate pork ribs smoked for 8 hours and mopped with tangy BBQ sauce. No smoker or wood chips required! Just heat through (and bring plenty of wet wipes). Made from pork raised on American family farms with no antibiotics or added hormones.
Savory pork ribs are smoked over hardwood for 8 hours until they’re delicate and tender. Smothered in BBQ sauce for a finger-lickin’ feast without the work! Just heat through and enjoy. Pork is raised in the USA with no antibiotics or added hormones.

Humanely Raised

Fresh Pork

From juicy pork chops to versatile tenderloins, Coleman offers a variety of fresh pork cuts perfect for any recipe. Their all-natural pork comes from American farms and is raised without antibiotics or hormones, delivering the quality you can trust.

Two lean and quick cooking pork chops, so you can make a delicious dinner for your family in minutes. Pork from Coleman Natural is raised on American Humane Certified farms that never use antibiotics or growth hormones.
Lean pork chops are mild and versatile. Season with your favorite herbs, spices, and sauces for a healthy dinner in no time! Our pork is always raised crate-free on American Humane Certified farms with no antibiotics or added hormones.
Slow-cook this bone-in pork butt to melt the fat and draw out the juices for the ultimate in satisfying succulence! Perfect for a weekend feast with friends and family. Our pork is sourced from American family farms that never use added hormones or antibiotics.
Our boneless pork butt gets its rich flavor from the beautiful marbling throughout. Stew, braise, or roast until you can pull it apart with a fork! Coleman Natural pork is raised humanely on American Humane Certified farms.
Our pork butt roast is a wide, flavorful cut perfect for slow roasting, braising, or barbecuing! This boneless roast cooks evenly and quickly, and it’s easy to carve when it’s time to eat. Always sourced from hogs raised crate-free in the USA.
These meaty spare ribs have been pre-trimmed to a neat rectangle for even browning. Ready for a dry rub, mop sauce, or slow smoking until they’re fall-off-the-bone tender! Pork sourced from American Humane Certified family farms.
The most beloved of all ribs! Delicious and lean with small, easy-to-handle bones, these ribs are protein-rich and lower in fat than other cuts. Our all-natural pork is raised crate-free on American family farms.
Extra lean yet flavorful, our pork tenderloin is healthy, delicious, and protein-rich. Roast, broil, or grill for weeknight dinner in a snap! All-natural fresh pork is selected from U.S. family farms that raise their animals crate-free and never use antibiotics or added hormones.
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